Harvest Council of 69

:european_castle: The Power of the Harvest Council of 69 :european_castle:

:money_mouth_face: As farmers continue to till the land for additional yield-bearing opportunities, Harvest is excited to announce the launch of the Council of 69 :cancer:. As Harvest continues to provide yield opportunities to farmers, farmers and 69ers believe in reciprocating gains by providing bread for the people at every stage of a project’s life. Our community has some unusually smart and savvy farmers who can find the best strategic deals for Harvest.

:moneybag: To that end, we would like to tap into you, the humble 69er who sources early-stage investments that Harvest will invest in. We are seeking chads, humble farmers, and all who want to unleash the power of 69 and reciprocate gains for all the Harvest farmers out there.

How it works:

:six: Talented chads suggest strategic deals in the #Council-of-69 channel

:nine: Chads create a snapshot proposal to gather 1000 FARM votes to move deal forward

:six: The Harvest Council of 69 performs due diligence and makes a decision

:nine: Chad helps to close the deal with the selected project

:six: Harvest treasury funds the investment

:nine: On a liquidity event, 10% of the gains are rewarded to the chad who brought in and closed the deal

:six: 90% of gains are distributed to humble farmers in the profit sharing pool

:hugs: We believe in equitable and accessible opportunities of all sorts. If you have additional ideas or investment strategies that can bring wealth and peace and harmony to Harvest, please suggest!